How We Work

These days, anybody can slap together a web page.

But an inviting website that reflects your identity, that’s easy to navigate and easy to maintain, that delivers your message to users and users to your site -- now that’s a different kettle of fish!

We work by first learning about you. We have no rubber stamp solutions. So we spend time listening and looking at what you’re already doing. Then we begin to generate options for you – graphics options, lay-out options, branding options if you need them. We insert the tools that do the business of the site – such as shopping carts and content management systems to manage the website - calling on our wide knowledge of the tricks of the web design trade.

Our aim is keep you in charge, but never to overwhelm you with too much technical information.

You’ll have access to a dummy site quite early in the process. Our clients tell us it’s an exciting moment when you first see your name “up in lights” – or up in new lights, if your ClueDesign site is not your first site.

Then the fine-tuning begins. Designing a website is an iterative process – we’ll go back and forth with you many times until we’re all satisfied that your website will do its job.

As we go along, we’ll ensure that you have in place all the infrastructure you need to support your website – domain name registration, website hosting, etc. Depending on what you decide to include in the site, we may suggest that you take advantage of our peripheral services such as e-marketing and print runs.

When the great day comes and we throw the switch on your new site, ClueDesign doesn’t automatically fade out of your life. We offer updating, reporting and maintenance services as well, to keep your site current and ticking along.

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