Online Marketing

Email marketing – proven return on investment

The ROI for a targeted, well-designed email campaign leaves print and broadcast marketing strategies in the dust.

Email marketing keeps you connected to your current customers, letting them know your news, updates, and special offers. And wise email targeting of lists can generate new traffic to your site. A great email can put a bit of you in the everyday life of thousands of readers.

Ho hum - another email ad …

Let’s be honest. As email users, we all find our in-baskets crowded with messages every day. It takes a cleverly crafted and eye-catching design to prompt us to click through to a website.

ClueDesign is up to the task.

We offer design features that optimize the top few inches of an email panel. What you put in that space makes the difference between an email that captures attention and draws people to your website … and an email that gets moved over to that sad, round receptacle in the corner of the screen.

We have lots of tricks up our sleeves to make your message count.

Not spam

You don’t want your good name associated with any kind of spam.

We can make sure your email blast doesn’t cause you to be indexed as a spammer and then blacklisted.

Measurable results

Email marketing allows incomparable cost-effective tracking of results. ClueDesign can build you an email marketing campaign that includes reports detailing how emails were successfully delivered, how many were l opened, and how many messages prompted the reader to click through to your site.

No other marketing medium even comes close to this kind of transparency.

Beyond email

Do you need a clickable banner ad that puts a link to your site on other websites? Do you want a Google ad campaign? How about promoting your site through Social Networking services such as Facebook and Twitter? ClueDesign can do all this and more.


Online Marketing

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